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Brangelina Officially Engaged!!

Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring

Seems like Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie have finally decided to tie the knot! The couple officially got engaged earlier this week, putting an end to years of speculation about their marriage. Brad chose to pop the question with a gigantic emerald cut diamond ring, estimated to cost around 250,000 dollars. The ring was specially designed and customized according to Brad’s instructions by well known jeweler Robert Procorp. Robert Procorp, if you remember, has also collaborated with Jolie in the past on a classic line of jewelry inspired by Jolie herself.

Procop, the jeweler, said the ring has an elongated tablet-shaped diamond that was cut to suit Angelina’s slender fingers, and is mounted along with a galaxy of smaller stones.

Although no decisions have been made about the date and place of the wedding, speculations of the perfect wedding for Brangelina are already making the rounds. The couple also owns a French Chateau, which coincidently includes a chapel and a recently built reception hall, which may just be the venue for their wedding. Judging by her glamorous and sophisticated style and her affinity towards Versace for most of her red carpet looks, we think her wedding gown will definitely be something to look forward to. We are thinking an unconventional shade with minimal jewelry and simple hair and makeup.

Angelina Jolie red carpet wedding look

Angelina Jolie Wedding look

Angelina Jolie red carpet with Slit

And not to forget her trademark red lipstick and high slit may make an appearance on the The Day. Also we would love to see their kids all dressed up as part of the bridal entourage. There are also some rumors doing the rounds that the wedding… Hold your breath…. Maybe in India. There are also rumors that Brad’s ex wife, Jennifer Aniston, may attend the wedding. A whole lot of rumors about this big fat wedding!

Let us know what you think will definitely be part of Brangelina’s wedding. We would love to hear!

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