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Beautiful Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Beautiful Calligraphy on wedding invitations

The art of calligraphy dates back to the period before the invention of the printing press, some 500 years ago. The advent of technology brought about many changes in the styles and methods of printing and also in the fonts and typography used for written text. The art of calligraphy however continues to fascinate people with its artistic flourishes, elegant finish and the impeccable attention to detail.

hand written calligraphy on wedding invites Mumbai

It is said that no two letters that a calligrapher draws will ever be identical which makes it even more unique for your special day. The vintage feel of a calligraphic script imparts an air of elegance and royalty to an object or occasion. Also since every letter is painstakingly drawn by hand, it makes it extra special and cherished.

When it comes to weddings, calligraphy is usually seen on the invitations – bearing the name of the received on the outer envelope. If you have ever seen your name written in beautiful calligraphy across the front of an Invite, you will know how beautiful and special such a gesture can make you feel. The perfect way to impress your guests way before the wedding day.

calligrapher in Mumbai for wedding invitations

A calligraphic script can vary from very fancy and artistic flourishes to clean and crisp lines. Although handwritten calligraphy is always preferred, one can also opt for printing using one of the many calligraphy fonts available on the internet. You can also use the calligraphy for table names, place cards, thank you tags, RSVP cards, menus and any other wedding stationery.

beautiful calligraphy for wedding invites in India

When choosing a calligraphy font for your Invitation, you must keep in mind the feel of the entire event, the paper of the invitation on which the calligraphy will be done and the other fonts being used in the invite text. Using a lot of swirls and curves in an invite may make it difficult to read. It is always preferable to use calligraphy as an accent – highlighting only certain parts like the bride and groom’s name or the location and leaving the remaining font simple and clean.

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