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Basic Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Want to celebrate the moment you become husband and wife with the birds and the flowers, or have your first dance to the sound of the waves; it is time to take it outside! An outdoor function is apt for Indian weddings which are always so colourful, sometimes complex and always fun to watch and experience. While you may feel it is more convenient to plan your wedding in an indoor, air conditioned ball room, the outdoors can be a lovely change from the norm. Here are some basic tips to help you plan an outdoor wedding:

Choosing – The first step would be to always select your outdoor space according to the kind of wedding you want to have in mind. A large lawn or ground while great for big gatherings may swamp a smaller, more intimate wedding. Small gardens, terraced patios and more intimate spaces are great for small dos. You can even cordon off a private area with décor aspects like tents and flower curtains to make your own spaces according to the size of the wedding. Another way to help you select a venue – look for the kind of backdrop you would love to have in your photos i.e. mountains, waterfalls, trees, the shore etc.  Always choose a venue you can connect with!

Weather – proofing – Plan according to the weather! Although you obviously wouldn’t plan an outdoor wedding in the monsoons, the weather isn’t always predictable. Make sure you have some sort of back up option available, if there’s even the slightest chance of a shower. Some couples opt for indoor and outdoor combined spaces, with one part of the wedding indoors and the other in an adjoining outdoor space.

Comfort – Another huge consideration for an outdoor function is comfort. The comfort of your guests and even you the couple for that matter, is super important. According to whether it is going to be hot or cold, make sure you can arrange for coolers, air conditioners, fans or portable heaters. The sun can be especially harsh for a daytime event, so make sure there is always an area with enough shade. Also mosquito and bug repellants for a night-time function, especially if you are having it by the water, is essential. Inform out of town guests what the temperatures are going to be like so they can dress accordingly.

Décor aspects – One of the best parts about having an outdoor wedding is that you can use your natural surroundings as part of the décor and often can be the focal point of your theme or décor scheme. Make sure your wedding decorations and designs go with your surroundings and enhance the natural loveliness and not mask it. Small touches like the string lights, lanterns, flowers, candles, drapes, a small mandap or arch etc. can be used to accentuate an already pretty space. Try and visit the venue at the time of day you want to have the wedding at, since you need to figure out exactly how much and what kind of lighting you need.

An outdoor wedding in India can be a dream whether it’s in your own backyard or at a city landmark. Plan well and always find out if and what permits and permissions you may need for that particular outdoor space.

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  1. Paula
    Posted November 10, 2011 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

    great post! I love outdoor weddings

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