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An Upcoming Indian Wedding- The talk of the Town

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is all set to tie the knot with his fiancé Priyanka Alva. Speculations are already doing the rounds relating to their wedding attire, locations of the wedding ceremony/reception and all things grand that make up a big fat Indian wedding. But, something that really caught my eye was the to-be married couple’s wedding card! And, it’s for many good reasons.

First off, you should know by now that most Indian weddings (of the lavish kind) have wedding invites that are presented by the family to the recipient in a fancy box filled with chocolates and the invite of course!

It has come to be known that for the Vivek-Priyanka wedding, scheduled to take place on 29th and 31st October, 2010 in Bangalore and Mumbai respectively, the couple and their family has gone all out with the wedding invite.

What makes their invite stand apart from the rest of the over-the-top ones that are doing the rounds in Mumbai can only be described as “pure thoughtfulness.” A scroll-style invite lies within a wooden box filled with two tiers of chocolates. But, what really makes it a one-of –a-kind invite is the Ganjifa painting that adorns the box. Apparently, Ganjifa is a traditional form of art that originated in the Indian state of Karnataka. Today, this art is close to becoming extinct mainly because it is expensive to create. Further, it takes close to a month for each painting to be completed by a single Ganjifa artist! Interestingly, both Vivek and Priyanka were taken up by this art form when Priyanka’s brother suggested that they revive this dying art form. Also, a sale of one of the Ganjifa paintings provides at least one family with necessities to last them a month. Very thoughtful on the to-be married couple’s part!

Adding to this wonderful cause is the couple’s decision to go a tad eco-friendly for their wedding. The invite comes packed neatly in a gold bag that is imprinted with “The Oberois.” The wedding invite as well as the carry bag has been made from recycled paper and certain elements have been crafted from crushed gem stones and real gold versus the synthetic dyes that are usually used in most wedding invites. So everything is basically natural!

We at Marry Me- The Wedding Planners really love the idea of going green for your wedding!

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  1. Lisa
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    I love the way you sound so passionate about weddings. Keep up the great work!

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