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A truly different Wedding Celebration

Too many couples and their families get caught up in the chaos of wedding planning. Remember, wedding planning is meant to be fun!! So enjoy every moment of it :-)

Every couple wants to do something different. And why not? Today, where an Indian bride will be seen having bridesmaids, a Christian bride at the same time may have a Mehendi Party for her friends. In fact, the bigger the eccentricities, the more amazing is the wedding said to be, and hence, the more we see different couples indulge in this inspiration.

But don’t forget, a small, personal ceremony can be just as different and exclusive as a lavish one if planned with the right ideas in mind. Here are two unique ways to achieve that-

Gifts & Souvenirs – In every wedding, guests are presented with a memento alongside the wedding invitation, and rightfully so, souvenirs have been an emblem of any wedding, big or small. That might have now got you wondering –If everyone already does it, how is it unique?  Well, the answer is not in the idea of giving a gift but the idea of the gift itself. Couples nowadays are gifting out more personalized and handmade souvenirs as opposed to customized gold or silver coins like it used to happen in the past. Today, authentic Indian art like Tanjor, Mandhubani, and Warli are been imbibed into the idea of the gift in forms of wall hangings, frames, and other glass or ceramic works. This not only makes the wedding souvenir different, it also ends up serving as a decorative home item which the guest receiving it can put to practical use.

madhubani art used for wedding gifts

art wedding gifts

madhubani painting used as wedding gifts

Additional Occasions – Most Indian Weddings have standard wedding ceremonies – a sangeet or cocktail night, the wedding itself and a reception that follows. This pattern has been followed by couples for so long now that today they are seeking fresher ways of indulging their guests. One such way is adding other occasions to the wedding celebrations. Events like ‘A Youngster Party’ or a ‘Sunday Brunch’ are now being termed as pre-wedding celebrations whereby relatives of both families get a chance to acquaint with one another. These events are further made more cutting edge when concepts of a themes or dress codes are added to it.

We would love to hear what you plan to do to make your wedding different from every other!

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  1. Simon
    Posted February 18, 2012 at 5:52 pm | Permalink

    What beautiful artwork! And such a novel idea.

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