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A Royal Affair: The Grand Wedding Venue

As interesting as finding out what a princess might wear on her wedding day is wondering where you would get married if you were part of an aristocratic family….visions of palaces, historical churches and horse-drawn carriages may just not be confined to our childhood storybooks. Soon after Easter this year on the 29th of April 2011, the future King of England Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton are set to walk down the aisle at the gorgeous Westminster Abbey in London, England.


What better setting could anyone ask for than a centuries old church, steeped in history and famed to have a jaw-dropping romantic beauty. The Westminster Abbey was founded in 960AD and has over a 1000 years of history attached to its hallowed grounds. It has been the final resting place for Britain’s many monarchs including the prince’s mother the late Princess Diana. The Westminster Abbey is rich not only in natural beauty but also in beautiful art and sculpture and is architecturally stunning. With a seating capacity for over 2000 guests, this wedding venue definitely befits the grand occasion and the powerhouse guests that are sure to grace it.

Even if you did have a staggering amount of money and fame to your name the only people allowed to marry here are members of the Royal Family and certain other exceptions. The security at Westminster Abbey on the day of the wedding will naturally be extremely tight and is even being paid for by the British Government. Since the day has been declared a bank holiday, people across England and the world are sure to be glued to their TV screens watching the prince and his future princess ride with a grand procession, to the gorgeous church where they begin their journey as husband and wife. Stay tuned for more details on the royal wedding from Marry Me Weddings Planners.

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