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A Guide to Looking Fabulous in Your Wedding Photos

wedding photos

wedding photos 2

wedding pictures

(Photo Courtesy: Rob & Lauren Photography)

Oh yes, the often dreaded and quite necessary endless rounds of shaadi photos and even more so in big Indian weddings. Posing for wedding pictures can be a big hassle for most brides who are quite clueless about what to do or it’s even a little bit scary for the camera shy. It may seem silly to worry about your wedding pictures but consider this, you are going to be taking quite possibly hundreds and even thousands of wedding photos including portraits, couple shots, pictures with your guests etc. and you are definitely going to have them around forever, so why not look as great as you can. Here are a few helpful pointers:

  1. The first and probably most important rule: Relax! A stiff posture and forced expression do not make a pretty picture. The wedding day can be stressful and tiring but try and focus on the good stuff and relax your facial and body muscles. If you feel like your smile is about to crack your face, stop, take a deep breath, turn away if you have to and turn back to the photographer and flash a genuine grin.
  2. Practice a few poses beforehand. In the days leading to your wedding especially when you try your bridal clothes, try out a few poses before your mirror. It’s a good idea to take shots on a digital camera with a self timer and check which angles work for you, especially in your wedding finery. Most of us have a ‘good’ side, so work those angles. Another benefit of doing a practice run is that by the time it’s actually time to take the wedding photos you won’t have to over-think, leading to more natural shots.
  3. Always, and this isn’t stressed enough, check how your makeup for D-day will look on camera. There have been way too many gorgeous brides let down by their wedding pictures, where suddenly all you notice is badly blended or garish makeup.
  4. Enjoy yourself! Even if you are planning on a formal set of pictures, have fun with a few rounds. Do silly, fun things that bring out your personality and genuine emotion. Ask your wedding photographer to shoot candid snaps where you and your groom are mingling, laughing, dancing and basically being yourselves; they are often the most beautiful of the bunch.
  5. If you are planning on a pre-wedding photo shoot pick a location that you are comfortable at; a place that is romantic and inspires you. This is a great way to capture those totally ‘in the moment’ pictures.

Marry Me – Wedding Planners in Mumbai would love to hear about what helped you become the pictorial belle of your big fat Indian wedding.

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