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While your wedding ceremony and reception are undoubtedly going to be the most beautiful times of your lives, the events leading up to it can be so much fun! Pre wedding activities range from family friendly to exciting nights out with friends and can be the best stress buster. While couples put in a lot of thought into the actual wedding and wedding functions, your pre wedding activities get left to the last minute…such a waste! Planning entertaining and relaxing things to do can be the best gift you give yourself.

Nowadays the concept of having a bachelor or bachelorette party is quickly becoming a popular one. Letting your hair down with your closest friends and doing something super fun together; who wouldn’t want that, especially when it’s the last few times you celebrate your singlehood! When planning such a bash, pick a place or an activity you and your friends love. You can even plan a bachelorette holiday to an exciting destination and make it a trip to remember. Another enjoyable pre wedding party is the bridal shower. It’s slightly tamer than an all out bachelorette and you can invite older female family members as well. If you rather aim for some relaxation, you can arrange for a spa day with your friends where you can catch up while you get pampered and prettied up. For a mixed crowd, a cocktail party or a themed event is always a crowd pleaser.

Pre wedding activities can also be self enriching – personal training sessions to get fit and feel and look your best as well as consulting with a nutritionist are good ways to get ready for the months ahead. Consult with professionals to get the best skin care tips and you could even plan a nice spa holiday.

Marry Me – The Wedding Planners, Mumbai will help you plan your pre wedding activities like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal shower etc., as needed. We will help you find the perfect concept, venues and activities and assist with travel and accommodation scheduling as well as get you in touch with the right professionals for the job, as per your requirements. Grooming and etiquette lessons can be scheduled as required.

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