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Runway Inspired Wedding Blouses


Runway inspired blouses for your wedding trousseau…oh so chic! Yes, here are our picks form some of the best designers. Break away from the traditional blouse designs and patterns and draw some inspiration from these super stylish blouses. Explore with fabrics, cuts, necklines and designs and remember to have a good mix of all these as a part of your trousseau.

Sangeet picks

Go for something which is a good blend of traditional and modern depending on your theme. If you have an evening function go for dark hues contrasting with your saree colour.


Here is our pick for a more elegant feel.


Shimmer is also something that can go well for a sangeet look. It adds a quotient of glamour to the look.




Traditional twist

Go for traditional designs with a twist to make your look interesting.

We like the cut as it gives a very modern look but the detailing is still very traditional and the colours so rich…perfect for a royal look.


We love the appliqué work with Indian motifs on the blouse and the mélange of colours and fabrics woven together.


Oh such a pretty combination! If you choose to go all bright and fun and like pops of bright colours, this will surely inspire you.


Glam Diva

Here are our picks for a red carpet event; perfect for reception and parties and for a total diva look!




Wearing a saree at your honeymoon and confused about what to choose?? Fret not as we have some amazing picks which will leave you in complete awe asking for more. Go bright and colourful with strings and strappy cuts.


Must have’s

Here are some of the generic styles which you must stock as a part of your trousseau. Halter blouses, three fourth sleeves, sleeveless, long sleeves…it’s always nice to have a good mix so that your look is always interesting rather than common and boring.



Lastly to remember some general tips, always stock some generic blouses like a gold halter or black sequin or a few bold colours of velvet blouses and some brocade even as you can always pair them with any saree.


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