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Got Engaged? What Next!


So what happens after he has popped THE question and you have said yes? Do you immediately get into the wedding planning frenzy or do you take your time and enjoy your “engaged” status? Your parents and friends would immediately pounce on you to know the when, where, how and other details of your impending wedding. Don’t get stressed if you haven’t given any of this a thought. There is ample time to do that. Right now you need to enjoy this moment with your partner and flaunt that stone on your finger!

However tech savvy you and your close friends and family are, informing them about your engagement through an email, sms or through any social networking site is considered very impolite and rude. Before you update your relationship status or tweet a picture of your ring or your fiancé, you need to ensure that you have personally informed all your important friends and family members, especially your immediate friends and family. Throwing an engagement party or sending out engagement announcements are some fun ways to inform everyone about your engagement.

Once you have informed the world about your status change, the inevitable question is when and where would the wedding be. If not the exact date, an approximate period of the year (first half, second half or mid year) or a month would also suffice as an answer to these questions. Proper research has to be done before finalizing a date. Depending on your ideal wedding date or the time needed to plan your dream wedding, you can chart a time line or a wedding checklist of things you have to do.


Next, your partner and you can at least begin discussing what each of you want for your wedding, so that you have a general idea of things when you actually get into the planning stage. If you are on a budget and you have 1 or 2 years before your wedding, you and your partner can start a weddings savings account which will be your budget when you start planning for the wedding.


Everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day. If you felt you didn’t have much of a reason to keep a tab on your weight before, post engagement is just the right time for you to get into shape. You have ample time to plan your diet and lose those extras kilos to look fit and fab on your wedding day.


Legal weddings and Church weddings require a lot of documentation and involve a number of procedures which are time consuming and should never be left for the last minute. You can start applying for and obtaining all the necessary papers to avoid stressing over this closer to the date.


Engagement or pre wedding shoots are very popular with couples these days. This not only gives you a chance to capture some of your post engagement excitement and glow but also gives you an opportunity to build a rapport with your photographer which will help you on your wedding day. Also if you have already picked a date for your wedding, the engagement shoot photographs can be used as an engagement announcement and save the date as well!

Last but not the least, if you think this is too much for you to handle, hire a wedding planner. You can consult with various marriage planners and then decide who fits the bill!

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