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Weddings And Mangoes | The Indian Summer Stars


Apart from the heat, the two things that are at their peak popularity in the summers are Indian weddings and mangoes! Almost everyone loves this fruit and truly relishes it at any given time. So why not treat your guests to a memorable mango feast at your Indian wedding!


Mango as a color is a very fun and bright color – perfect for Indian summer weddings. Use this with a combination of green, pink and orange to create a stunningly colorful set up. Yellow is also a very traditional color for Indian wedding mandaps and wedding decor. Yellow marigolds coupled with banana leaves are very popular for south Indian wedding mandaps.


You can also incorporate the color in your wedding outfits. We love this mango, fuchsia and orange lehenga designed by Laila Motwane for Kalki Koechlin’s wedding. An interesting fact is that the couple got married in Ooty under a 100-year old mango tree – the same one that Kalki used to climb on, as a child! We love that! The mango shaped Indian Kairi motif is also something that can be used on clothes, jewelry, décor, mehndi designs and many other areas in a wedding.


As favors, give your guests something that they will truly enjoy and relish. Pack some yummy mango pickle or tangy mango chutney for your guests to take back.

There are innumerable drinks, starters, main courses and desserts that can be fashioned from mangoes. Try adding atleast a couple of mango based dishes to your menu for your guests to sample. Opt for a refreshing glass of Aam Panna or a mango lassi for a welcome drink or surprise your guests with a mango lemonade!


Stock up on some mango flavored cocktails like a refreshing blend of mango and vodka or a mango margarita – perfect for a summer party.

For summers, people always prefer to avoid heavy food and opt for juices and salads instead. Mango salsa or a Thai green mango salad would be a perfect fit here. The famous aam ras or aam shrikand with puris will be an instant hit with the older folk.

A themed dessert bar is an interesting option for your guests to mix and match ingredients and prepare their own desserts.  This can include mango based ice creams, shortcakes, sorbet, custards, cupcakes etc  with some fresh fruit toppings. Top this with some delicious Indian Paan in mango flavors!


Something that will truly impress your guests and make them remember your wedding day every summer is a Mango tasting bar. Your guests will dive into this feast head first and come out satiated and very pleased!

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