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Indian Weddings are joyous celebrations, a time for unbridled happiness…and filled with lots of song and dance! Whether it is a sweet couple’s dance at the end of the reception or the more enthusiastic group dances at a Sangeet, music and dancing can be so intimate and so very fun. The popularity of choreographed dancing is solidified further by our voracious love of romantic Bollywood movies and fairytale Hollywood flicks.

Celebrating your wedding with a choreographed performance is a great way to showcase your personality and let your hair down with friends and family. Western weddings often have a first dance for the newlyweds; a sweet slow dance to ‘their’ song followed by a father-daughter, mother-son etc dance. It is becoming increasingly popular to hire a professional choreographer to teach and set a dance routine for you even in Western weddings. You can hire a choreographer to show you the steps for ballroom dancing or a lovely foxtrot or waltz and incorporate it in your Indian wedding as well.

As far as Indian weddings go, families and friends often put together various dance routines and skits for the Sangeet event or cocktail parties. Professional chorographers are hired to help put together colourful and often Bollywood inspired group and individual dance sequences. Couples and their near and dear ones also hire professionals to incorporate skits with song and dance narrating stories about the bride and groom’s lives, right from songs about family to their story.

Hiring a professional choreographer helps put together a show no one will forget and is a great way to celebrate not only the marriage but all the people involved. It does require that you put time aside for practice sessions, find a practice area that has enough room to move around comfortably and find a choreographer who you are comfortable working with and can teach you the moves you want.

We at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners will help you book a choreographer, along with our many other wedding planning services. If required we will also arrange for a proper location for dance rehearsals for the sangeet performances, ‘first dance’ etc. All you need to arrange for are your dancing shoes!

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