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wedding gifts
wedding gifts
Wedding favors

Wedding favors and gifts are a great way to show your affection and appreciation for your wedding guests. They can range from small DIY to bigger luxury gifts; there’s a lot you can do depending on your budget. Although it is an old practice dating back to century old European traditions, arranging for wedding favors has become a big trend in Indian weddings as well. A gesture that is always appreciated, the wedding favors need to be thoughtful and apt for the occasion, no matter how much you are spending on them.

Wedding Gifts

To begin with you could send gifts to accompany your invitations. It could be a traditional Indian wedding gift like beautifully packaged custom gift boxes with sweets, chocolates, dried fruits etc. You can even consider more unique gifts like saplings in a decorated pot and some wedding stationery including the itinerary of what’s to come, a set of diyas or candles etc. Consider buying different wedding favors for your specific functions as well, for example, a beauty goodie basket for your Mehendi guests, a CD with your wedding playlist at the Sangeet or cocktail party or a luxury chocolate and wine gift basket for your girls at the bachelorette.

Custom made wedding favors are a great option. Engraved candleholders, takeaway silver table name-card holders and even custom made candles and soaps with special wedding wrappers are some examples of wedding favors that can be made unique to your event. You can also choose these, according to your theme and the colour scheme of the wedding and other events.

Another great touch is preparing gift baskets for your guests like welcome baskets in hotel rooms with a collection of bath and body products, wine, cheese and chocolate baskets or even a beautifully wrapped snack and goodie basket. How personalized your gifts get depend on how many guests you are inviting and your relationship with them.

Marry Me  - The Wedding Planners, Mumbai will help you put together the wedding favors and wedding gifts best suited to you and your wedding celebrations. We will source and package your giveaways, gifts and favors to go along with the wedding invitations, for different functions or for hotel room gifts, as per your requirements.

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