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Your wedding is definitely one of the few times you will get loads of gifts and cash, along with plenty of good wishes. Although it’s fun to receive umpteen presents, unfortunately a lot of the time newly-weds end up getting stuck with countless repeat items and stuff they would just never use! Wedding gifts that are just not your cup of tea or something you already own are not just useless for you but a waste of your gift giver’s cash too.

A concept that is now picking up in India is having a gift registry. Gift registries are a great way to ensure that you get the gifts you really want, while making it easier on your guests. They are essentially a list of items you would like and can hand out to your friends and family. Some stores offer the option of gift registries where you can go select the items for your wish list and the store will tick them off the list as and when an item is purchased by a guest. You can even do it online or have someone manage it for you.

When selecting items for a wedding gift registry make sure you compile a wide variety of items both practical and fun, in different price ranges. This makes it easier for your guests to buy you something that is within their budget and no one is pressurized to buy anything they are not comfortable with. Once you select the items for your registries at either one or different vendors, let your guests know either on your invites, through your wedding websites or by word of mouth.

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