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Planning a wedding in India
Planning a wedding in India
Planning a wedding in India

Often talked about as a harmonious blend of the exoticism of the East and the beauties of the West, Turkey is part of most world travellers' dream wish list. Its unique location on the Mediterranean spanning Western Asia (in the Anatolian region) and South-eastern Europe make it a land of immense diversity and a plethora of sights, sounds and scenarios that are captivating to say the least. Its diversity not only extends to the many different terrains, climatic conditions and landscapes which you will find in the country, but also within the different regions themselves. When looking for a wedding destination with a difference and dollops of flavour... Turkey is definitely a very, very strong contender!

Considering the fact that the Republic of Turkey has gorgeous coastal areas both along the Aegean sea coast as well as the Mediterranean in the south, a wedding by the shore is definitely a beautiful option at hand. Aegean Turkey is also home to a historical sites, stunning water visages, stylish resorts and more. Mediterranean Turkey also offers gorgeous mountainsides and wooded areas and is also home to Pamphylia - an extremely popular destination that combines beaches and history. And of course who can forget the bustling and vibrant city of Istanbul, which is the largest city in the country and considered one of the most interesting in the world (and just a little over 6 hours by flight from Mumbai & Delhi)!

While you definitely could organise a quintessential romantic destination wedding here, the country can give you so much more than that. Its unique vibe and cultural milieu make it one of the most fascinating wedding destinations; quite apt for a couple who want something a little more out of the box! And it is perfect to explore after for the honeymoon as well. From colourful bazaars and grand historical palaces to waterfalls and butterfly colonies as well as idyllic sandy havens and the turquoise coast, there is just so much to offer a wedding party! You can even organise a trip to the famed Turkish baths and hammams or treat your guests to a hot air balloon ride or a cruise along the Bosphurus river.

We know it can get tough to organise a stunning destination wedding; more so in a country so diverse such as this one. If this east meets west paradise is the perfect setting for your nuptials, let us at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners help you make it an event to remember.

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