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Checklist for Indian Wedding Planning

Indian weddings are an elaborate affair and involve months of planning. Beginning from deciding the venue to booking the caterers to the decorators to choosing the invitation cards and more, planning an Indian wedding without a detailed checklist can become a challenge. Unless, you choose to hire professional wedding planners.

Irrespective of whether you and your partner plan the wedding or your family members plan the event, a wedding checklist helps ensure that you don’t miss out on important things. To get things started for you, here’s a brief list of the checklist. You can add more details to it as per your need.

Categories for Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

9-12 months before the wedding

  • Decide and book
  • Wedding Venue
  • Catering company
  • Wedding Decorators

4-6 months before the wedding

  • Select and order the invitation cards
  • Choose the wedding theme
  • Meet caterers to discuss the food choices and options and the budget requirements
  • Select and book/ order
  • Musicians
  • Wedding band
  • Hair stylist
  • Beautician
  • Henna artist
  • DJ
  • Guest accommodation
  • Wedding trousseau

Indian Wedding Planning

1-2 months before the wedding

  • Finalize wedding theme and menu
  • File application for marriage registry
  • Decide and buy the wedding gifts
  • Begin sending out the wedding invitations
  • Book vehicles for pick up and drops on the wedding day.
  • Book the honeymoon tickets and complete all visa requirements
  • Intimate your vendors about your choices and plans. While this may seem too early a time for sending out plan drafts to vendors, keeping ample time in hind will ensure that there’s time for feedback and further tweaks.
  • Finalize your guest list.
  • Collect all the wedding day requisites. Collect the trousseau, jewelry and other accessories.
  • Plan out the layout of the venue
  • Book security services, if needed

One week to the wedding

  • Confirm services and deliveries with vendors
  • Delegate tasks to people. Someone to take charge of gifts, someone to carry your things and the like.
  • Let your photographer know what moments you want to be captured
  • Get your checks ready for paying off your vendors.
  • The day before the wedding get all your beauty and spa treatments done and the final day you need to appoint your close relatives or friends to assume responsibility of execution of everything.

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