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Guest Post | British Trends For Indian Weddings

Indian wedding inspiration board

It’s actually a little silly how excited I am to be posting here today; Now before I begin I want to declare my undying love for India! How filmy I know, but on a serious note I really can’t wait to visit Delhi :-)

So here is my guest post at the awesome wedding planners Marry Me’s wedding blog.

I thought I would tell you about what are the latest trends for British Indian weddings, and how you can add some British glamour to your wedding.

 There was a time when have 900 guest at your wedding was the norm, but things are different now, couples are opting to have smaller more intimate weddings, in lavish settings

British born Indians want a nod and acknowledgement to their heritage, but they want to personalise their weddings so that they are just a little bit ‘different’ to traditional Indian weddings so there is a mix of east and west styles.

Many couples choose to do both an Indian and English ceremony on the same day! Usually they will perform the religious then have a break, and change for an English style reception. The most noticeable change being the bride’s outfit, which goes from Indian red bridal to English white in the evening- along with different styles of makeup etc it creates a stunning effect…

So let’s look at what’s really popular at the moment… and how you can try some of these ideas out :

Colour Scheme

Wedding colour inspiration

There has been a major shift in colour themes for Indian weddings, although you still see the traditional reds, yellows, and orange, we now see lots more pastel and sorbet shades especially for summer. White is becoming more popular, even for a sangeet; it plays off so well with the marigold and yellow colours.

Choose a venue with a difference

Wedding Venue with a difference

A more intimate day, allow you to have a more luxe wedding. Couples are option to have the weddings in country halls, museums, parks, stately homes, look for a venue that has lots of details and you won’t need to dress it up as much.

Traditional but with a dash of modern

traditional wedding outfits

I myself for years dreamed of having a white wedding, so hearing other brides say the same is not surprising with all the western influence, but we have found middle ground. Stay traditional for the ceremony. Ghagra cholis and sarees are still as popular as ever.  For the reception change, into a fishtail or a line gown. Try softer colours for understated chic!

Use social media to keep the wedding party up-to-date

Weddings are real family events, but with everyone being so busy, using social media like facebook is a great way to keep in touch. Why not set up a private page so you can up to date with family and friends and discuss ideas…

Not just a one wedding photographer, how about two?

Many couples are now opting NOT to have a videographer at their wedding but just a photographer (or two)! And really consider an E- session; you may think what’s the point? But not only will you get to know your chosen photographer but it will help relax in front of and get used to the camera.

Your guests are special

milk cookies wedding & photo booth

Favors are popular everywhere but personalising them is way to make your guest feel more special, and truly a part of your day, have mini cup cakes with their name on it, and how about flagging wary guest when the party is continuing into the night with some cookies and milk!  Another  fun idea is to have a photo booth. Or how about leaving disposable cameras on the tables to the guests can take pictures for you!

Save the best for last


Why have one when you can have them all, my favourite part is dessert, lots of couples are now choosing to have dessert tables which have an array of sweet treats from the wedding cake, to desserts to candies and the guests can help themselves.

So that’s just a few ideas, try them all or just try one, just most importantly remember to just be you, till next time :-)

Thanks to Dirk van der Werff, Shahed Hussain,Jaineesha Patel for the help with this post

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Asian Wedding Ideas is a UK based blog by Rabbia.  She’s a part – time wedding planner and fulltime blogger. At the blog you will find a daily dose of wedding eye candy, inspiration and all things pretty.

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  1. Mita
    Posted June 25, 2011 at 1:37 pm | Permalink

    Yes, you have done great job and i would like to appreciate for it. i do same work and but i am in USA and i also give European touch in Indian wedding and South Asian Wedding.

  2. Posted June 26, 2011 at 12:24 am | Permalink

    An interesting and very current take on the changing Asian Wedding scene in the UK & US. E-session’s or ‘pre-weds’ are fast becoming the must have shoot at modern weddings and make for a great signing board on the wedding day also. I’m glad I could help you with this, always a pleasure speaking to you. Shahed

  3. Tanaya Mehta
    Posted June 26, 2011 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    love the ideas especially the personalized desserts. yummy! love the display :)

  4. MitaProductions
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

    Amazing blog you have here, i’m sure this can attract lots of readers over the net for the cool write up. Keep it up…I love your ideas for making the wedding unforgettable

  5. Ana
    Posted February 11, 2012 at 9:06 am | Permalink


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