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5 Ways To Break the Hen’s Night Stereotype


Whether you call it a Hen’s Night, a Hen Night or a Bachelorette party, it has become something of a tradition to take the bride out for a night on the town before her wedding. Yet for many mothers, best friends and maids-of-honour, what exactly to do on a hen’s night can be a bit of a mystery. Of course, the stereotype involves large amounts of alcohol and male strippers, but it’s a type of hen’s night that has been done until it’s dead. Instead of just going for the now tired and boring standard night out, why don’t you plan a night that will break hen’s night stereotypes and truly give the bride a ‘last night of freedom’ that she’ll remember.

 1. Go for a city break

If you are going to get rowdy, at least do it in an interesting locale. You can get great deals for a few days away across Europe and South East Asia – why not mix it up by travelling a little before the big day instead of just hitting up your usual partying spots? A city break is a great idea because it means you can have adventures roaming the streets by day and go partying in new places at night. This works best as a surprise: get the groom in on the act and plan a time when it’s okay to steal the bride for a couple of days. Whisk her off to an exotic place for a surprise she’ll never forget.

2. A perfect spa break

Many brides to be aren’t really interested in getting drunk the week of their wedding, so you might want to go for a different angle when planning the bachelorette party. Why not opt for a night or two at a spa resort? It is the perfect way to get keep a bride calm before her wedding and is a great luxury that can be so much more fun than just partying for a night.

3. Dinner and a show – with a twist

You might think that ‘dinner and a show’ is a date plan, not a hen’s night party – but you’d be surprised at how a few little tweaks can make this the perfect pre-wedding night. Bride Online would suggest to take the bride out for dinner at a fancy restaurant that you’ve never been to before (think a ritzy hotel or top-chef haunt) and follow it up with a play at your nearest theatre. It’s a high-class version of a hen’s night that can still be full of frolics!

4. Go extreme

Why not channel all those pre-wedding jitters into something a little extreme. Sign the bride up to do something crazy like bungee jumping or skydiving – it’s crazy, it’s fun and it’s something that she’d never expect. She might hate you beforehand, but when it’s over she’ll thank you for one of the best experiences of her life. Definitely something worth thinking about.

5. Help her future by helping her see the future

Why not go for something a little out of the box and take the bride to a psychic or a tarot card reading? If it’s something she’s never done before, it’ll definitely be something new and interesting. Let her work out her pre-wedding jitters by asking about her future and getting a nice prepaid happy answer. It’s silly fun but it’s definitely something that you can all enjoy!

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