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Bridesmaids at an Indian wedding | What to wear?


Do you plan to have bridesmaids for your Indian wedding and are confused about which outfit to choose for them? Here are some ideas and tips on options for bridesmaid’s outfits for your Indian wedding. There are tons of things you need to consider. The first step would be to finalize and pick what you plan to wear. Once you have this in place, you can work on the outfit for your bridesmaids as the colours have to complement your outfit colours.


This is the most common bridesmaid outfit you will see at Indian weddings. It is easy to source and a great option if you have bridesmaids living in different parts of the world. This does not require any measurements, trials, fittings or alterations etc to be co-ordinated. The only thing would be to get the blouse stitched. This is much simpler than co-ordinating measurements of outfits for 8-10 women. In case you are having your wedding in India and have guests coming from all over, you are in a win-win situation with the saree. Non-Indian bridesmaid would love to wear saree moreover; you can get blouses stitched in India in a day’s time so it’s great.


The saree will look different when draped in different styles. In case you don’t like the common style of wearing it, you can always get it draped in a Guajarati or a Bengali style.



This is a nice cut and your bridesmaid will appreciate this; but  slightly difficult and we don’t recommend  if you have too many out of town bridesmaids as this style needs time to get made well. Remember, this option will be slightly expensive.



This is the heavier version of an Indian outfit and very few brides choose this as they themselves wear a lehenga, but the choice is open. This will be a super expensive affair if you plan to pay for your bridesmaids outfits. Moreover, it’s not the best option if you have many bridesmaids.



Perfect for the Punjabi wedding! Patialas are fun and very comfortable. They can be paired with traditional jutis for a perfect Punjabi look!


Salwar Kameez

Simple and traditional, this can be easily tailored as compared to an Anarkali outfit. This outfit will also require fittings and trial and hence we recommend going with this if you have a great tailor who can co-ordinate measurements over phone for your out of town bridesmaids.


It’s not necessary that you have to go completely traditional when it comes to bridesmaids outfit. Here is an interesting inspiration we came across where the outfits are crafted out of pure silk fabric in traditional colours….simply amazing!


Have fun picking the perfect outfit for your lovely girlies! We would love to hear from you what you chose for your bridesmaids!

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