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The Perfect Tuxedo For The Perfect Groom


With globalization and east meets west concepts taking a firm foothold in the Indian wedding scenario, many grooms are contemplating western formal wear for their wedding day instead of traditional sherwanis and achkans. Tuxedos seem to be the hands down winner when it comes to the perfect wedding wear and have become a requisite buy for at least one of the wedding ceremonies for the Indian groom. A tuxedo is distinct in itself but when done correctly and with a perfect fit, it sets you apart from the rest of the world.



Many people don’t seem to comprehend the difference between a tuxedo and a suit. A tuxedo is a very formal type of suit which is characterized by the satin facings seen on the lapels, buttons, pocket rims and the seams along the length of the trousers.  Also a tuxedo is traditionally worn with a bow tie and a vest or cummerbund while a suit is worn with a long tie and a matching vest. A peaked or shawl lapel, single button and black color are trademark features of a classic tuxedo. Variations are found only in the linings and lapels and in some cases the number of buttons adorning the front.


The accessories of a tuxedo are the shirt, tie, the cummerbund and the pocket square, which are together called the accents of a tux. The shirt accompanying a tuxedo typically has a wing tipped collar, French cuffs, button studs and a placket covering the buttons. The bow tie can be a pre-tied bow which just needs to be fixed on the collar or you can take a shot at tying the perfect bow yourself. You can also skip the bow altogether and opt for a regular long tie. The cummerbund is a broad sash worn around the waist and although it serves no purpose, it is considered and a part of a typical tux. A waistcoat or vest is an alternative to the cummerband. The pocket square is a piece of fabric, usually satin which is neatly folded and tucked into the breast pocket with its ends sticking out. This lends the outfit an extra charm and a dash of color.


Although the black and white combination looks sleek and sophisticated, some may find it too monotonous, especially for a wedding. You can add some color to the look by opting for colored or patterned accents which compliment to your wedding colors.  Throw in a pair of monogrammed button studs or cufflinks.

Designers have been experimenting with the cuts, fabrics and designs in variations for the Modern groom. Narendra Kumar, well known for his contributions to classic and stylish menswear presented his take on vintage Tuxedos with a modern twist at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011. Check out this fabulous white brocade tuxedo and mandarin collar pleated shirt.



Another variation of the Tuxedos was showcased by Troy Costa at the Van Heusen India Men’s Week 2011. Costa used a combination of rich fabrics like plush velvet, silk embodied with crepe, linen and cotton in luxurious shades and cutting edge technologies like quilting, heat sealing and lacquering to put together a collection of tuxedos, flawless in style and fit.

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