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Choosing The Perfect Bridal Neckpiece For Your Indian Wedding!


A woman’s fascination with jewelry is nothing new. And when it comes to her wedding day – the biggest day of her life – she strives to find the perfect accessories to complete her bridal look. Choosing the perfect bridal neckpiece, which will reflect your personal style and stand out can be quite a task. An unprepared visit to a jeweler will introduce you to the wide variety of styles, designs and cuts which are bound to leave you a bit confused. Here is a basic guide on the styles of neckpieces which will prepare you for that shopping trip you are planning soon!


The shape and structure of a bib necklace resembles the bib or garment worn around a baby’s neck when feeding and hence the name.  When wearing a bib necklace the neckline as well as the underlying fabric should be as simple as possible to provide a subtle background and highlight the necklace. It is also advisable to keep other accessories simple and minimal to emphasize the bib necklace, rather than take away from its beauty.


A choker is a close fitting necklace which encircles the throat and sits high on the neck region. The name comes from the fact that it appears to be choking the wearer.  This can be a single band sitting around the neck or multiple layers of beads or pearls strung from it. A deep or low cut neckline and off shoulder or strapless outfits are ideal options to highlight your neckpiece.


A matinee necklace is a single strand of pearls or any other gemstones which rest just above the cleavage. Ideal for a sophisticated chic look, a pearl matinee necklace is a very popular choice for casual or business dressing


An opera necklace is typically consists of a single strand falling till the breastbone or may be looped as a double stranded necklace with one strand longer than the other. Double stranded pearl or diamond opera necklaces are very common and look very stylish. The Indian Satlada and Nau lakha Haar are variations of this style.


A Sautoir or rope necklace is any necklace longer than the opera necklace. This can be worn as a single strand or can be looped around the neck like the opera necklace and worn in multiple layers. South Indian brides usually are seen wearing a combination of sautoir, opera and matinee neck pieces.


The Lariat is a longer variation of the Sautoir or rope necklace and is very versatile in terms of the ways in which it can be worn.  The ends usually do not have any clasp but may have a loop on one or both ends which forms a noose shape or lasso around the neck of the wearer. The term Lariat also means Lasso. These lengths of these necklace and styles of wearing can be changed with every wear which makes them very cost effective for any wardrobe. We would love to know about the other wedding jewelry that you picked for your big day!

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