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Eye make-up inspiration for the Indian bride!

Eyes speak volumes, and getting the perfect pretty eyes on your wedding day is a must! Eye make-up is very crucial and it can make you look gorgeous if done well. Here are some tips and ideas to draw inspiration form in case you plan to do your own Indian bridal make-up. You don’t have to bother too much if you have a professional make-up artist but you can surely discuss the type of look you want.

The most important thing to remember is that, your eye shadow must complement your eye colour and should not be a total contrast with your outfit. Try and keep your clothing and eye shadow in the same tone.


Smoky Eyes – Smoky eyes look good on anyone. They bring out the natural colour of the eye and kind of highlight your eyes. When you go with smoky eyes, play down on your lip colour.


Traditional eyes – Traditional Indian bridal eye make-up is incomplete without kohl. Indian brides love kohl and eyes lined with deep kohl do look pretty. This is the secret for mesmerizing eyes passed down form generations and goes very well with the Indian skin tone.


Dreamy eyes – This is a striking look and will turn a lot of heads. We love the way the colours are blended to create almost a mystical feel. This kind of eye make-up is perfect for a sangeet or a cocktail evening. Though this looks absolutely stunning, it will only turn out to be great if the colours are chosen well. Pick a palette of one contrast colour, one neutral colour for highlighting, and one or two shade matching your outfit.


Neutral eyes – Oh we love this look; simple and pretty. Just go with a colour that matches your skin tone and add a dash of shimmer.  This is a very elegant style of wearing make-up and drawing attention to the eyes, yet keeping it neutral where the natural beauty of the eyes is highlighted.


Glamorous – This one is for the stylish bride. We love the way the glitter adds a hint of glamour to the traditional look. We recommend going with this look for your reception as this is perfect for an evening look.


We hope these ideas help you plan your look for your big day and have the most mystical eye makeup ever! Do leave us a comment and let us know about your favorite bridal make-up!

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