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Common Wedding Shopping Woes & How to Avoid Them


Bridal and trousseau shopping can cause frenzy when you aren’t prepared; but if you are calm and relaxed, it can be one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable wedding activities that you can undertake. Trying on gorgeous clothes and feeling like a princess…sounds pretty fun doesn’t it!

Let’s take a look at a few common shopping mistakes you should try and stay clear off, so you can keep disappointment and retail regret at bay!

Here goes –

Hurrying into a purchase – Although every bride has to make her purchases on her own timeline, sometimes jumping the gun can be more of a worry than help. You definitely need to buy your wedding outfits with enough time to make alterations and changes, but buying your outfits too soon can lead to regrets later. Unless you are getting your outfit custom-made or are absolutely sure you won’t change your mind about what you want, give yourself the time to make this big purchase, especially if you haven’t fixed the kind of wedding you want yet. Besides, buy too early and you have to figure out a storage option as well to keep your garments looking pristine!


Budget confusion – One of the biggest disservices you can do to yourself is try on bridal-wear that you cannot afford! Falling in love with an outfit that doesn’t fit the budget will only leave you feeling lackluster toward the other beautiful outfits you can actually buy without blowing your budget. Also remember to factor in design changes or alteration costs into your overall expenditure.


Buying the wrong size – Many brides plan to get into better shape before the big day; and while that is definitely a goal worth striving for, avoid the mistake of buying your wedding outfit too small or with very unrealistic measurements. While some outfits can be taken in or let out, too many alterations to garments with heavy embroidery or stone work etc. can affect the look of the outfit and compromise the overall aesthetic. So try not to buy a size that is way off.


Dilly-dallying – We know can it can be tough to fix on your bridal outfit, when you know there are tons of stores and designers out there. But once you try a sizeable number and find something you love, avoid trying on too many more. It will only leave you confused, fatigued and blah.

Not staying true to yourself – Letting just trends or someone else dictate the style of your wedding outfit can only lead to an unhappy bride! Remember you have to wear and feel resplendent in the finery and should always choose what you feel like yourself in.

What are your wedding shopping plans?

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