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Bangles For The Indian Bride


Bangles Bridal Dress

Indian is known for its rich and diverse culture. The tradition of women wearing bangles dates back to ancient times when bangles were considered as symbol of marriage; they still hold the same significance but the trend has changed over the years. Traditionally the bangles worn by brides at weddings vary depending on the religion the bride follows and the region she originates from. Modern brides don’t go with the conventional colours and patterns and neither do they believe in wearing dozens of bangles to symbolize their wedding.  Modern brides are opting for more contemporary designs and are experimenting with styles; they choose bangles which would complement their outfit.


A traditional Punjabi bride wears a chuda. They are a set of 21 red and white bangles worn by the bride. The bride is traditionally supposed to wear this for a year post the wedding. Most modern day brides choose to wear it for lesser time and also modify the traditional chuda by interspersing it with some stone studded bangles.


Green Bangles Marathi Wedding

Maharashtrian brides traditionally wear green glass bangles. The green colour is considered to bring prosperity to the new relation. The glass bangles are often paired with gold bangles as gold is the typical wedding metal in most Indian communities.


South Indian brides are heavily adorned with glittering gold! They wear heavy kadas and bangles with bold designs at their weddings. Their jewellery is specially crafted with designs inspired by the lovely temples of the region.


Bangles worn by Muslim brides are also heavy on design and are usually crafted in gold.  They usually wear a kada as opposed to a set of bangles. Their jewellery designs have Mughal influences and are very royal.

Gold is quite popular among the southern states of India and hence you will see most south Indian brides decked in gold. On the other hand, plain gold jewellery is not popular at North Indian weddings. The gold is most often paired with locally inspired interesting elements.  Rajasthani brides wear kundan bangles crafted in gold or even colourful meenakari kadas with the traditional bangle set. Bengali brides wear conch shell white and red bangles at weddings. The conch shell symbolizes a long married life.


Though at weddings brides do choose to go with the traditional look and pair it with a similar style of jewellery, for reception most brides want to pick and match their accessories to the outfit.


In today’s times with a range of designers creating bespoke jewellery, it’s not difficult to get traditional designs customized to your choice. We suggest investing in good designs keeping the latest and future trends in mind and getting unique pieces created.

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