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Indian Wedding Photography | Things to Remember!


Photography is the most important aspect of your wedding. It’s only pictures you can look back upon once the wedding is over. Well captured pictures will make you relive this special day every time you look at them; therefore it is very crucial that you pay utmost attention to your wedding photography.

Direction is very important when it comes to wedding photography. You may hire the best photographer but by giving the photographer an idea of what you love and what you dislike is very important. By doing this it will be a win-win situation for you as your pictures will be personal to you and reflect your style! You don’t need to get into the details of framing shots etc with good photographers but it will always help to brief the photographer on the wedding flow so that they can then plan their shots well.

Running the photographer through the flow prior to the wedding is absolutely essential as this will ensure that he/she do not miss any important rituals. This will also help in explaining the style of wedding and other details as Indian wedding rituals differ from state to state.


Introduce the wedding photographer to all the important members of your family. This way the photographer knows who the close and immediate family members are and does not miss to cover them.


Make sure you take time out for some fun group shots. These are a must! Do various group combinations for pictures with immediate family, extended family, cousins, bridal party, school friends and some posed shots apart from the candid shots.


Indian wedding décor is quite interesting and colourful and some of the décor elements make for great pictures. Don’t forget to brief your wedding  photographer in case you have some special décor elements.


Getting ready shots also make great pictures for your wedding album. Make sure you brief the photographer on the timing for your hair and makeup so that he/she can cover that.


Fun candid shots are something you should have to break the monotony of traditional photographs.  This bit you can leave to the photographer to decide as he/she would be the best person to frame interesting shots!


Just one last thing….aim to have a balanced album with a good mix of fun, traditional and candid snaps!

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