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Unusual but Simple Wedding Décor Ideas


Bored of the usual run of the mill décor you see at weddings? Here are some refreshingly fresh ideas for some unusual décor for your wedding. Décor is something which can set the mood of the event and transform a place completely. There are no set rules when it comes to choosing décor. You can draw inspiration for your wedding décor from almost anything around you. It could be something as simple as your favourite brooch or a colour palette you absolutely swear by!

 Experiment with materials. Like for example, you can use various props made from paper, glass, fabric or any other material to spice up your décor. Paper is a very interesting element to use; especially with origami picking up at wedding décor, paper can be a very interesting décor element. Origami hangings in fresh colours are quite popular at weddings. Something as simple as just paper flowers also look stunningly unique.


An interesting way of using fabric differently to create a dreamy set up is to create ruffled chair covers of flowy sheer fabric. This is something which can enhance your décor rather than the usual fabrics and linen.


When you think of pretty you think of lace! There can be nothing prettier than incorporating lace in your wedding décor. Lace adds a touch of vintage charm to the whole set up.


Go for offbeat colours! This is something which can make the place look more dramatic. We think it is a great idea to play with colours, be it flowers, fabrics or simply vases!


Design is something else you can work upon. This could be anything from the design of your cake to the design of your card or the design of the vases.


Mismatched vintage furniture can make great props too. So remember some of your grandmas furniture might come in handy.


We hope these ideas will help you to create some mystical décor at your wedding!

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