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We Love Elephants At Indian Weddings


Elephants have always played a prominent part in Indian culture. They are considered to be very sacred and symbolize good luck and prosperity; hence they are usually a part of most Indian weddings. Elephants were a must at royal weddings in olden times and kings and Nawabs used to ride on elephants to their wedding venues to symbolize their power.

 Today, the concept has moved on from just being a wedding tradition; couples are now including elephants at their weddings not just as a part of the wedding procession, but also in other areas such as your wedding card, décor, food and wedding favors. Checkout these cute elephant cookies & elephant name card holders!



Elephants look majestic as a part of the wedding procession; especially when they are dressed in rich and magnificent fabrics and jewellery. Another common way used to dress up elephants for weddings is, by painting them. At most traditional Indian weddings the elephants are adorned with ornaments such as anklets, necklaces and colourful rich caparisons.


Weddings are getting more intimate and fun and though traditions are still deep rooted, the way of following them may differ. Like for a beach wedding, the elephant could have a floral garland around its neck as opposed to a richly decorated elephant which you would have if you are having a traditional or royal Indian wedding.

Depending on your theme you can choose to incorporate elephants in various other elements. Since elephants symbolize prosperity and good luck, couples choose to have them as a part of their wedding card design. Elephants also have a deep connection with the supreme Hindu god – lord Ganesh, whose face depicts the animal. Lord Ganesh is considered to be the most powerful of the Hindu gods and Hindus pay homage to this god before starting any auspicious occasion in life.


Décor is yet another big area where you can incorporate elements such as floral decorated elephants or elephant place cards.


In what better way can you incorporate elephants in your menu than have a lovely elephant inspired Indian wedding cake! We think it’s a great idea to include it as a part of your food layout.


Elephant inspired wedding favors are also quite popular as they are considered to be lucky. Moreover it’s a perfect way to thank guests at an Indian wedding!


If you have hired an elephant for your Indian wedding a fun thing to consider doing is a post wedding shoot with the elephant! You could also consider keeping the elephant back after the baraat and have rides for the kids or plan a fun inter-family elephant polo match before the wedding or even better would be a royal welcome for your guests where every guest arrives at the venue like a king riding on an elephant!

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