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Planning A Royal Wedding In Udaipur


The world held their heart, watching the magnificent Royal Wedding take place amidst the splendour and serenity of England.  But what if this Royal Wedding had to happen right here? Where swapped for the fancy carriages we would have a more fancy baraat and doli; and where for the bride’s classy white laced gown we would have had an extravagant red lehga-choli, or for that matter instead of a perfectly synchronized marching band we’d have the sounds of trumpets and dhols by folk artistes. But a royal wedding as such need not be only for them upon whom the grand titles are bestowed. Here is where we take you into the magic of creating your own special Royal Indian Wedding, to which the first step is finding a palace… and where in India is there a better place for that than Udaipur.



Known as one of India’s richest cities in the field of cultural heritage and the previous home to many prince and princess, Udaipur, or as known to some – ‘The City of Lakes’ – comes to be surrounded by the finest palaces of distinguished architectural credit right from the era of the Mughal Empire. With time, these royal palaces have turned into luxurious hotels being hosts to the most premium guests and grandest festivities, while still being a notable spot for tourist visits.  Of these ceremonious festivities, marriages of personalities from fields of entertainment, politics and business have taken place among the scenic locations of water fronts and heritage fortress of Udaipur, and here is your chance at planning a wedding just as exuberant and regal.


Since planning a royal wedding is the main intend, it’s important than even the slightest of details is given that imperial touch to it. First and foremost comes the décor, with the culture and colours surrounding the very idea of Rajasthan, the state where Udaipur is situated, one can only imagine the brightest of hues of red and yellow and the most extravagant props to add to the highlights. These can range from – decorative glass pots, exhaustive rangoli designs across the entrance,  bandhni tapestries, lamps and the right coloured flowers to go with the theme. To further brighten the venue, traditional booths having henna artists or astrology and tarot card reading and other handicrafts can be included for getting the guests more indulgent.


To add the entertainment for the guests, you can take into service the art of the traditional folk performers who will gleefully imbibe the folklore with heritage into their song and dance, keeping true to the spirit of Udaipur. This music and dance can range from the Ghoomer Dancers, a Katputli (puppet) show, or even the customary carnival folk songs of Rajasthan. These performers, with the help of their instruments not only give the wedding a very orthodox and rich feeling, they also help set the mood for the occasion in play – from the entry of the baraat to the bidai.

With all of it’s defined hills and exquisite lakes, Udaipur can prove to be one of the most romantic, not to mention royal, destination wedding for a couple who’d love to give their happy beginning a different twist. Stay tuned for more interesting information and facts about planning a wedding in Rajasthan.

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