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Your Wedding is a Day of Bliss, not Stress!

The wedding date has been set, your rings have been chosen and as the wedding day approaches, all you can imagine is that fairytale wedding- the moment you have waited for your entire life. Weeks of planning are required, after all a wedding is one of the most beautiful and important times in your life.

The newlywed couple will forever treasure the memories of their special day. Brides-to-be brim with a heady combination of excitement, anticipation, joy and mostly stress, while to be grooms generally take things in their own stride. That said, memories of your wedding could also be tinged with regret if something goes wrong unexpectedly on the big day. Here is when the problems begin, especially for the girl; almost forgetting that she was once a perfectly calm bride-to-be only a minute ago. This is also the time when she realizes that a wedding planner should have been called in to assist planning this day out way in advance.

Your wedding day which may span just a couple of hours has to be well thought of. It really goes without saying that planning a wedding is filled with a lot of details and work to be taken care of. Most might consider a wedding planner as an unnecessary expense, However it should also be noted that the wedding planners job is to assist the bride and groom in every possible way to making the wedding more enjoyable and less stressful.

Planning your wedding day involves a flurry of activities ranging from choosing the perfect wedding venue, a wedding cake, caterers and a live band to selecting that gorgeous dress with a train a mile long, photographers and the list goes on.

Well, this is just the exciting part. Most married couples-to-be tend to leave out crucial matters such as budgeting, guest lists and other not-so-exciting affairs. And, once again a wedding planner in Mumbai can come to the rescue, taking care of the nitty-gritty that you and your spouse might not have time to sit down alone and chart out at a go.

Planning out your wedding day can almost be compared to a full-time job! We at Marry Me advise you – do not get too overwhelmed! It may be a good idea to make multitasking and delegation a part of the wedding planning process. Stay tuned for ideas, tips and more on Indian weddings by the Marry Me Team.

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