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Creative Wedding Menu | A Sweet New Spin on Wedding Desserts


While you are planning your wedding and reception menus, there’s one tasting that is always a popular one – wedding desserts! It’s no secret that Indian weddings are the occasion to go all out where the food and catering is concerned, and you have to have the perfect sweet ending. When people think of wedding desserts it’s normally either staple Indian sweets and sweet dishes or something like cake or mousse. With wedding cuisine getting more and more creative each day, why should the treats be left behind?! Let’s a take a look at a few ways you can spice up your dessert menu:

Dessert drinks: There’s no reason why your wedding desserts can’t be in liquid form and dessert shots are the new rage. Non- alcoholic and alcoholic dessert drinks are a great option after a heavy Indian meal and serving them in shot glasses are perfect when you are stuffed and just want a taste of sweetness. One of the funnest ways to incorporate this in your Indian wedding is to have shots of rich and colourful lassis, faloodas or milkshakes. Bottoms up!

A Sundae bar: Having an ice-cream sundae bar is fun and different and gives your guests the opportunity to create a dessert that they will love. Have a couple of basic ice-cream flavours at least and a wide variety of toppings like chocolate, candies, nuts, sauces and even pieces of Indian seasonal fresh fruits like mangos, sitaphal, chikoo etc. For a tasty Indian touch have pieces of delicious mithais like gulab jamuns, jalebis and halwa to mix into your ice-cream concoction too. Yum…


Fusion desserts: Fusion fare is all the rage and a nice way to incorporate different global tastes into one small, sweet morsel. If you prefer western desserts at your wedding, you could consider having them made with a dash of Indian spices and flavors to shake things up, like chai flavoured ice-cream, cake with essences of saffron and cardamom or rose, chocolate mousse with a pinch of spice and coconut etc. Talk to your caterer about what they can whip up for you.

Small bites: Mini desserts, like the shots, are a perfect guilty pleasure without the stress of an expanding waistline…and a nice ending to a spicy Indian meal. It also allows you to sample a couple of sweets without getting too stuffed. Small ice-cream or kulfi cones, mini cupcakes and even specialty chocolates decorated in your wedding colours or designs are nice options.

Let us know how you are planning to spice up your wedding menu with our wedding dessert inspiration!

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