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Bridal Jewelry of India | Nose Rings


(Image Courtesy : Angshuman Ghosh)

Nose rings or nose pins have become a style statement in countries around the world, but their roots go deep. The practice of wearing a nose ring or nose stud it is said became more widespread in India thanks to influence by the Mughals, and is a common ornament seen on both Hindu and Muslim women in the country even today. It is said that there are also references to nose piercings dating back thousands of years in the Vedic scriptures.

Nose rings are often worn as an adornment during weddings and are even considered as one of the signs of a woman’s marital status in some communities. Women in certain communities pierce their noses for the wedding or when they reach a ‘marriageable age’, and keep this piece on throughout their marital lives. Of course, nowadays it’s often a choice and many brides opt for clip on nose jewellery, just for their special day or simply as an expression of their personal style. They are worn either high or low on either right or left nostrils and sometimes also on both sides, depending on which part of the country you go to. Known by many names likes the ‘nath’ and ‘mukuthi’ among others, nose pins and studs are found sparkling and twinkling away on brides all over the country.

You will find different variations like big rings made of pearls and coloured beads (seen on Maharashtrian brides), diamond nose pins in varied shapes, flat silver disks, gold rings adorned with a bird or fish motif and the one brides in North India often favour, a big gold ring that has a chain running from the nose and tucked into the hair near the ear etc.

Interesting fact – In Ayurvedic medicine, the left notril is said to be associated with the reproductive organs in women; a certain spot on the left nostril was often pierced to help married women to ease the childbirth process!

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