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Green ways to say “I Do”

In recent times, eco-friendly weddings have become all the rage. Although you may want to entirely go the lavish way on your wedding day, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a bit more considerate to mother Earth. And, environmentally friendly weddings can be a lot of fun. Think green! Think pebbles straight out of a Zen garden! Beautiful picture isn’t it? If you plan to go in for a green wedding, you can get really innovative in almost every area when planning you wedding day. Read on to get a better idea about what we are really talking about!


Your wedding invitations could be made from 100% recycled paper available in beautiful and rich textures. You’ll find a wide variety to choose from in India itself. Get these cards printed using vegetable inks such as a soy-based ink or water-based inks if you want to go all out to help preserve the beauties of nature!

Wedding Décor

You can get really creative in this area of wedding planning. Transform your wedding venue into a lush paradise using lots of fresh flowers, pebbles and earthy, organic materials for your drapes, table cloth, napkins and tents. Or if your partner and you are really hell-bent on reducing your carbon footprint due to the wedding, why not host it in a garden or park, and go in for a garden themed wedding. Perfect for those getting married in Spring!

Spread some light and create an ambient glow at your wedding by lighting up bees-wax candles and tea-lights all over the place to complete the look of your eco-friendly wedding.

Wedding Favors

There are many “green” ideas when it comes to deciding your wedding favors. After all the merriment, let you guests leave on an eco-conscious note by giving away a mini potted plant or a packet of seeds. The pot holding the plant can be customized to match your wedding theme and so can the packet of seeds.  How about a pack of natural bamboo coasters? Or even a beautiful bee’s wax candle. The sky is the limit here as you can get very innovative in this area when planning your great Indian wedding.


You can never get as green as you would want to in the catering section of your wedding. Besides the feast of a many non-vegetarian dishes, why not have an additional section that has soy-based foods, lots of salads etc.

Green Honeymoon

And finally, plan your honeymoon and head to some place natural rich in wildlife and lush greenery. Perhaps a beach? Or the country side? Or maybe even to an eco-sanctuary. There are many found in Rajasthan in India. You’ll find a lot of options to book your honeymoon on the Internet.

So if your lifestyle and mantra is to ‘Go green!, it won’t be too hard to implement that sentiment into your wedding planning.  There are many wedding planners who can help you Go Green. Whether you plan to have a small gathering or a large party, you now have some tips to go ahead and make less of an impact on our planet on your big day!

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