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Wedding Photography | Planning for that perfect wedding album

Your wedding photo album is the most traditional and well known way to remember your special day. Your partner and you will definitely look at these photos many times during your lifetime. Thus, choosing a good wedding photographer is one of the most important things to do when planning your wedding.

We at Marry Me – Wedding Planners, rightfully believe that wedding photography should be at the very top of your wedding checklist. Once the wedding is over, and you are done with everything right from the choice of venue, decor and clothes, and of course finally enjoying with your spouse, family and guests at the reception what remains with you forever is your wedding photographs.

Times are changing and today\’s couples are very picky about the kind of photography they want. If the regular wedding photography seen in your parent\’s albums are not your cup of tea, then candid photography may just be what you\’re looking for. These pictures will truly tell a story of those amazing moments you shared with everyone on your wedding day.



Images via : Rob & Lauren

Candid photography focuses on spontaneity rather than poses that are planned, staged and which inevitably turn out to be obtrusive. Candid photographs are those that a wedding photographer shoots at the reception when people are busy enjoying themselves dancing, eating, socializing and any other worthy moments.

This sort of photography lends a more personal feel to each and every photo and really captures moments worthy of making their way to your wedding album.

Another trend that seems to have hit the wedding world everywhere is a pre-wedding shoot, perhaps after your engagement. Here the wedding photographer captures your spouse and you in your favorite location outdoors or with colorful props, backgrounds etc, using portrait style and treating the photos with a very art-like feel. You both will surely cherish these photographs for years to come.

If you are on a tight budget, our advice is to spend more on your wedding photography and minimum (or nothing) on video! Get a friend or relative to shoot a video on their handy cam. It will make them feel special and a part of your wedding troop too! And, your guests will feel more at ease when they leave you a personal wedding wish on video if it\’s someone known shooting the wedding video.

Something worth remembering when choosing a photographer is that you should look through his/her portfolio to see if the excitement and emotion of the bridal couple has been captured.

Whether you are looking out for a candid wedding photographer or a classic traditional one, you\’ll come to know that there are many to choose from with the help of your wedding planner. Shop around carefully to find the photographer whose style best matches what you are looking for. And, finally you can then work together to come up with the perfect wedding photography package – one that you will want to look at forever.

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