{ Sangeet and Mehendi }

Indian wedding celebrations include a number of pre-wedding functions such as the Sangeet party and bridal Mehndi functions besides other serious rituals like exchanging vows and the ring ceremony.

The Sangeet remains the most vibrant and fun part of an Indian wedding. Today, the Sangeet is often celebrated on a grand scale and is generally a themed event with the couple’s family and friends performing choreographed dances and skits. In Hindu customs, music is the soul of any wedding celebration and so the Sangeet function too is abound with enthusiastic dancing and singing coupled with the sound of live performances. Often, professional singers who belt out popular film songs along with traditional wedding songs are present at this Indian pre-wedding function. The Sangeet night is made up of food, drinks and dance galore.

Indian Wedding Rituals

There are times when the Sangeet is combined with the Mehndi function as a means to save time and to do away with added expenses of individual functions during this hectic time of merry making. The bridal Mehndi is usually attended by the women and is most often held during the late afternoon. All present participate in choosing their Mehndi designs and whether they want an Indian Mehndi pattern or an Arabic one. Interestingly, the application of Mehndi is associated with several things. For instance, the darker the colour of the bride’s Mehndi, it is said the more her partner will love her. It is also a common practice for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the Mehndi design and until the groom has found the names, the wedding night will not commence. It is also said that the bride should not step out of the house after the end of the Mehndi ceremony.

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